Our Meal Plan Promises

We utilize the best ingredients

Hardy Foods starts with the healthiest fats in all of our meals- always high quality olive oil, organic coconut oil or kerrygold butter. Next, we prepare all of our produce in house and from the months of July- late october we source 80-90% of our vegetables from a 50 mile radius of Salt Lake City, UT.
Our farmers utilize organic pesticide free growing methods that are healthier and fresher for you, our client.

We prepare to YOUR dietary needs

We plate client to client, meaning that your meals are particular to you! Fill out the questionnaire with all of your dietary needs and we will do our absolute best to accomidate you!
Alergies, gluten intolerances, dairy sensitivities, we can accomidate them all!

We Are always available for support

For some the transition into healthy dieting can be very difficult- we are here to help! All clients will get a welcome PDF and we are available to answer any specific questions about snacks, what you can or cannot eat, etc. to make your transition as smooth as possible. You’ve got this!

We Live the Lifestyle!

One reason we are so adamant about the paleo and keto lifestyle is that its worked for us! We’ve been through the carb fog, having our snacks taken away from us, we’ve been through all of it!

There Are