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We are constantly rotating menus utilizing in season produce, here are a few examples of recent menus and below are a few examples of proteins and vegetables that we use in our meal plans weekly.


Breakfast Bowl

Scrambled eggs, seasonal vegetables, house cured sausage or bacon. House cured bacon!!

Cream Cheese Gluten Free Pancakes

Keto Cream Cheese pancakes with a raw cocoa banana compote

Spanish Breakfast Frittata

Eggs, in season vegetables and house cured bacon/sausage baked to perfection

Cream Cheese Grain Free Keto Pancakes



Balsamic Chicken Breast

Seared chicken breast simmered in a balsamic reduction and shredded.

Ground Beef

Slow braised beef in a homemade Italian marinara with onions and garlic

Chicken Thighs

Marinated boneless chicken seared and braised in its own stock with peppers and onions

Tilapia and Salmon Filets

Baked tilapia filet or pan seared salmon with lemon juice and dill

Ground Turkey Meatballs

Slow cooked roasted turkey shredded and tossed in yellow curry with a mix of
shredded cabbage, carrots, onion and seasonings

Curry Pulled Turkey

Fresh Roasted turkey pulled and tossed with curry

Pulled Pork

Slow roasted pulled pork shoulder with either no sugar barbecue sauce or pickled ginger


Brussels Sprouts

Shredded brussels sprouts pan sautéed in Kerrygold butter and tossed with cherry tomatoes,
red onions and house cured bacon

Spaghettie Squash

Roasted and shredded

Roma Tomatoes

Quartered Roma tomatoes tossed in balsamic vinaigrette with fresh Italian herbs

Pepper Julliene

A variety of in-season peppers and vegetables julienne and sautéed with grilled onions


Pan sautéed broccoli florets

Green Beans

Roasted green beans in Teriyaki soy sauce tossed with almonds or walnuts


Sautéed cauliflower featured a variety of ways:
– Riced and spiced cauliflower cooked in Kerrygold butter
– Hand shredded cauliflower curry with tomatoes

Yellow or Zucchini Squash

Diced squash cooked in olive oil and tossed with an assortment of fresh herbs

Red Cabbage

Hand shredded red cabbage tossed in olive oil and mint chutney

Green Cabbage

Hand shredded green cabbage tossed in olive oil and spicey

Starches (non paleo)

Organic Brown Rice

Organic Brown Rice high in healthy complex carbohydrates. Not a paleo or keto option, however for those clients who frequent the gym daily or are trying to build muscle we offer this as an option.

Spaghettie Squash

Technically Paleo friendly, spaghetti squash is starchier than other squash or vegetables.

White or Red Quinoa

While technically a grain, Quinoa does not process in the body like other grains. Higher in complex carbohydrates.

Sweet Potatoes

Roasted green beans in Teriyaki soy sauce tossed with almonds or walnuts